STEAM at Concord; Year 3!

This year STEAM has gotten off to a great start! Students have been working in the computer lab and in the Maker Space. Each student has a STEAM notebook which will be used to record and design their ideas.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade is learning about taking care of the environment and how to sort waste at school and at home. They are using a computer game to practice sorting while at the same time increasing their computer literacy skills! The game is called, Litter Critters learn to sort on

3rd through 5th grade is learning about climate change and how one young person, Greta Thunberg, has taken action. These science and social studies lesson are integrated with computer literacy skills, where students are learning to use Schoology to receive their lesson and learn. Students will decide on how they can take action and use Visual Arts to do that.

Along with projects in collaboration with classroom teachers, STEAM also provides students with Open Maker Space, where students have the opportunity to work in the Maker Space and create their own ideas using many different visual arts materials.

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