There is a lot happening in STEAM and I thought you’d like to know about it.

Kindergarten and 1st grade are learning about habitats: Kindergarten animals, 1st gr plants. They are conducting research about habitats on PebbleGo on the computer and using words to search (not just pictures).

In the Maker Space they are creating a mural of four different habitats and the plants and animals that live there. Kindergarteners will draw, cut and glue animals onto the habitats and 1st graders will draw and make plants to glue on. There will be 3 different murals to hang in the hallways!

2nd, 3rd and 4th graders will be working on keyboarding skills with our new typing program called Typing Club. They can access this from any computer using their Clever Apps.

2nd grade has created an Ocean habitat in STEAM and filled their hallway with it. They will be working on keyboarding skills in the lab.

Third grade will create Young Leaders posters, portraying themselves as leaders and what action they plan to take.

Ms. Stephanie’s 5th graders are making a Welcome to Concord video, learning how to create a video and edit it on iMovie. It will be used for new families to learn about our school.

Ms. Klein’s 5th graders are working on two projects:  One half of the class is learning how to operate our 3D printer. The students are using a CAD program to create objects to print in 3D! The other half of Ms. Klein’s class are learning how to use our green screen to produce video with special effects!

In the Maker Space the students are enjoying the return of clay, thanks to a generous donation from Lakeside School students, in support of the arts! Students (3rd – 5th) are also excited to use the hot glue and have learned how to use it safely as they create their projects.

MESA Thursdays have been full of using our STEAM notebooks to plan, record observations of the salmon tank and gather information for projects. 3rd – 5th graders made wind turbines and engineered air-drop packages that had to hold up to being dropped from the 4th floor window!

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